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23.12.2023 - 20.04.2024
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Renovation of the Plan du Four TSD
The detachable chairlift of Plan du Four, which went into operation in 1990, will celebrate its 32nd birthday this year. As a general rule, many lifts that reach the age of 30 are replaced by new ones. The reason for this is that these lifts require extensive and compulsory maintenance after 15 years for the first time, 10 years for the second and every 5 years thereafter, which adds considerably to the maintenance costs. However, it will always be less expensive to keep an old appliance than to buy a new one, especially at a time when the price of materials has risen sharply. This is why the Régie des remontées mécaniques des Karellis has decided to renovate this detachable lift, whose technology has certainly evolved but whose principles have remained the same, with a low speed on boarding and disembarking, providing comfort and safety, and a much higher speed during the journey, thus reducing the duration of the climb. The refurbishment includes the replacement of the internal mechanics of the aircraft as well as the replacement of the seats and a new paint job for the stations. Les Karellis has thus chosen to be economical and to manage its equipment well, thereby limiting the need for a new, very costly investment that would not alter the reliability and quality of comfort of this lift.

New loading carpet at the Fontagnoux chairlift
In 2017, a loading carpet was installed at the departure of the Arpons chairlift. As this investment was so well received by customers, the Board of Directors of the Régie decided to install the same system at the Fontagnoux chairlift. This carpet has several advantages: it greatly improves the comfort of skiers when boarding, it limits the risks of falls and potential stoppages of the lift. It provides greater comfort and safety and reduces travel time. In addition, the carpet also facilitates the working conditions of the lift driver, allowing him to be more concentrated and more vigilant in boarding the lift.

New day pass price on Saturdays
The Karellis ski area has adopted a new promotional rate on Saturdays. If you make your purchase online at www.leskarellis.comavant on Thursday at midnight you can benefit from a preferential rate of 19.00 € to come and ski in Les Karellis on Saturday instead of 31.50 € for adults, 29.60 € for juniors and 21.50 € for children. Thus, Les Karellis continues to offer unbeatable value for money so that everyone can enjoy skiing in total freedom.

The Ponsonière fun run

La Ponsonière is a 7.5 km long green slope accessible by the Plan du Four chairlift and which was converted a few years ago into a fun slope. Gongs, xylophones activated by ski poles, monsters and witches were already present in previous years. These strange characters will be reinforced this winter with a theme based on the animals of the forest. The squirrel, known in the area as the "vordache" and which represents the resort of Les Karellis, will therefore be highlighted with its friends such as the badger, the roe deer and other hinds for the pleasure of the young and old alike who will be able to slide into a playful and enchanted universe!

Source: www.leskarellis.com/fr/nouveautes-sai...

Лыжный район

Skiing package deals! The resort of Les Karellis, overlooking the Maurienne valley, in a background of larch trees and high mountain pastures, offers an original package deal which includes the ski pass along with an access to the cross country trails. Les Karellis is a proud member of the label Family Plus mountain.

The resort is absolutely wonderful for small children.


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02.07.2022 - 20.08.2022
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