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BERGFEX: Лыжный район Les 2 Alpes - Лыжный отпуск Les 2 Alpes - Wintersportgebiet Les 2 Alpes

Лыжный район Les 2 Alpes

Les 2 Alpes

1.650 - 3.600m

План лыжни Лыжный район Les 2 Alpes

Высоты снежного покрова

Сегодня, 14:50 260 cm 90 cm с 53
  Гора Долина Открытые подъемники

Новшества Les 2 Alpes

Holidays "à la carte"
For a week or a few days, book your entire holiday in Les 2 Alpes with the central reservation office:

  • accommodations
  • skipass
  • Ski lessons
  • Hire of equipment

*All events on one dedicated website *: www.les2alpes-evenements.com
Discover the events in Les 2 Alpes in a glance !

Лыжный район Les 2 Alpes

With guaranteed natural snow thanks to the glacier at an altitude of 3600 m, the 2 Alpes resort is one of the highest ski peaks linked to the famous off-piste Vallons de la Meije!

Famous ski resort of the OIsans, in Isère, Les 2 Alpes ski station offers a vast ski area of 225 kilometres of signed pistes located between 1,300 m (Mont de Lans village) and 3,600 m altitude (glacier). The high peaks guarantee the possibility of skiing on natural snow every year, winter or summer.

FAMILY PLUS mountain
The 2 ALPES, an altitude resort for exceptional winter holidays! An area accessible to the whole family where everyone, beginner or experienced, will find something to satisfy his desires for skiing. Why choose LES 2 ALPES? Because childcare facilities are centralized in the heart of the resort. Crèche, daycare and leisure center, are under the same roof close to the snow gardens. You will find in the 2 ALPES all that is necessary for your family stay to be successful (toboggan areas, free entertainment, local services ...)

Контакт Лыжный район Les 2 Alpes

Лыжный район Les 2 Alpes

Deux Alpes Loisirs
FR-38860 Les Deux Alpes

+33 (0)476 797500
Снежный телефон
+33 (0)4 76 79 22 00
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