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The idyllic city of Mežica is the Alpine and tourist centre of the Mežica Valley, by the name as well. The Romans were mining under the Peca and today its underground houses the tourist mine and museum. The forest roads and mountain trails lead to surrounding hills. They also lead to the cabin at Mala Peca, where King Matjaž sleeps in the nearby valley. Above Mežica there is the interesting Church of St. Lenart with the miracle-working chain, Podkraj with typical granaries, and Lom with beautiful views to the neighbouring Podjuna. The area offers a bee-making collection and several interesting interpretation points, linked by the geological and hiking educational trail. The central Mežica sight is the Podzemlje Pece (Peca Underground) – Tourist Mine and Museum with the active informational centre of the cross-border UNESCO Global Karavanke Geopark.

Location: 46.521179,14.852246

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Контакт Mežica

TIC Mežica
Trg Svobode 1, SI-2392 Mežica

+386 2 827 93 50
+386 2 827 93 59
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