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The history of Prevalje is the history of ironworks, since the ironworks factory was the strongest in this part of Europe up to its closing. The municipality boasts a rich cultural history: The Roman stones, excavated in Zagrad, the two wonderful Gothic churches above Leše, the Štopar Bridge, the two incredible technical monuments, the former seat of the Mohorjeva Družba, and the idea of the reading badge, which was born here. You must certainly remember to visit the Šentanel tourist villages, take a walk to Poljana, where the soldiers fought the final battles of WWII in Europe, as well as the Holmec border crossing, which saw one of the most important battles in the 1991 independence war for Slovenia. The Single Trail Park at Jamnica attracts mountain bikers from around the world.

Location. 46.546214,14.917756

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Občina Prevalje
Trg 2a, SI-2391 Prevalje

+386 2 824 61 00
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    10.05.2019 - 05.10.2019 (1 Подъемник)
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