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Muta is located in the natural cradle between Pohorje, Drava and Kobanski. This place holds the stamp of forgers and an iron foundry of the past. Several centuries of activity are religiously maintained by the Forge and Fire-Fighting Museum. Alongside the numerous cultural monuments, we point out the Kienhofen mansion, which houses the museum, and also the round succursal church of St. John the Baptist. Calm and beautiful walks in idyllic nature, during all seasons of the year, are offered by the neighbouring Gortina, Pernice, Sveti Primož and Sveti Jernej nad Muto.

Location. 46.609032,15.162824

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Контакт Muta

Občina Muta
Glavni Trg 17, SI-2366 Muta

+386 2 887 96 00
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