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Snowpark Snowpark Schöneben - Funpark Snowpark Schöneben - Park Schöneben - Haideralm / Reschenpass - Snowboarden

Snowparks Südtirol

Snowpark Schöneben

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Snowpark Schöneben

Schöneben - Haideralm / Reschenpass

Snowpark Schöneben – Chill & Ride Now! - Saison 2018/19.

Snowpark Schöneben – Chill & Ride at its best

It’s getting colder on the Reschenpass. This means that the toughest bikers have to come to terms with the idea that they will be making their final rounds in the biking paradise Schöneben in the near future. But don’t worry, the winter program is in no way inferior to the summer attractions. Soon, freestyle will be back again and in the season 2018-19 there’s a really big upgrade coming up in the snowpark.

The Snowpark Schöneben has shone in recent years, especially with its creativity and size. In the winter of 2018/19, another, at least as important aspect will be added: life-style. For real park rats freestyle is more than just a sport. During the season, the snow-park becomes their second home and to make it as cosy as possible, they get a new chill area. In addition to kickers, rails and boxes, loungers and heavy beats are now an essential part of the creative playground. But parts of the setup have changed as well: this season three more hits will join the park. Of course, they will be integrated into the snow-park by the shape crew according to the highest quality standards. Chill and ride at its best!

The Freestyle Hotspot from Schöneben to Haideralm
This winter as usual, the snowpark sits enthroned under the Zehnerkopf and can be reached via the Fraitensesselbahn and the Jochbahn. New this season however, is that shredders can now reach the park also from the Haideralm. After the merger in sum-mer 2018, Schöneben and Haideralm are directly linked thanks to the new "Höllental" slope and the 10-seater St. Valentin gondola. That’s an upgrade to 60 kilometers of slopes and 10 ski lifts! However, the most creative snowpark could already be found on the Reschenpass anyways.

Traditional events will be back again
Even though every day can be a highlight at bluebird pampered Schöneben, the events in the season of 2018/19 are adding some more: at the Battle ROJal, on February 9, 2019 shredders will compete for the freestyle crown. The contest has been an essential part of the QParks Tour for years and forms the peak of the season. If you are down for creative multijibs, chilling sessions and BBQ, then the Shred Poker Schöneben is the place to be. You can earn massive cash and win awesome goodies with your stylish tricks on the March 16, 2019.

Involved from the very beginning
If you check all the events that are coming up in the season of 2018/19, it's not just the shape crew who gets super excited. They will again provide all curious riders with the build-up report and give them a look behind the scenes. That way, the community won’t miss a single shapetool cut on the Reschenpass.

Already stoked for the upcoming winter? Great! All build-up reports and more interesting news regarding season 2018/19 will be available via Facebook Instagram and the website of Snowpark Schöneben.

Лыжный район Schöneben - Haideralm / Reschenpass

Schnee- und Parkstatus

57 minutes ago

Snowpark Schöneben

Высота над уровнем моря
2340 m
800 m
Сторона света

Direkt am Parkeingang lädt die Chill Area bei jedem Run zum Verweilen ein!

  • Die Kickerline besteht aus einer mehreren Lines mit verschieden großen Absprüngen.
  • Die Medium Area startet ebenfalls beim Park-Entrance, liegt gleich neben der Kickerline und besteht aus verschiedensten Obstacles und Kickern.
  • Die Beginner Jib Line findest Du im unteren Teil des Park und diese ist optimal abgestimmt!
57 minutes ago
Beginner Line Butter Box Rainbow 6m (Box)
3m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
3m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
4m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
4m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
3m Dance Floor Butter Box Beginner Line (Box)
5m Cannon Tube Medium Area (Pipeslide)
Creative Area Box Flat 6m (Box)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 7m (Kicker)
7m Jib Wave Jump Medium Area (Kicker)
Advanced Area Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
Advanced Area Jump Kicker 13m (Kicker)
Creative Area Tube Up 5m (Pipeslide)
4m Down Rail Medium Area (Rail)
Tube Rainbow 8m (Pipeslide)
6m Elephant Box Beginner Line (Box)
Medium Area Tube Flat 5m (Pipeslide)
12m Kicker Jump Advanced Area (Kicker)
15m Kicker Jump Advanced Area (Kicker)
Creative Area Tube Hover 6m (Pipeslide)
3m Flat Butter Box Beginner Line (Box)
6m Flat/Down Butter Box Beginner Line (Box)
Beginner Line Butter Box Wave 6m (Box)
6m Spine Jump Creative Area (Kicker)
5m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
5m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
Creative Area Jump Corner 8m (Kicker)
4m Flat Rail Medium Area (Rail)
Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
5m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
5m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
6m Kicker Jump Beginner Line (Kicker)
3m Up Box Beginner Line (Box)
3m Up Box Beginner Line (Box)
Medium Area Special Mushroom 3m (Specials)
6m Up/Down Box Medium Area (Box)
4m Donkey Rail Medium Area (Rail)
8m Down Rail Medium Area (Rail)
Medium Area Special Multi Jib 8m (Specials)
Creative Area Tube Cannon 3m (Pipeslide)
Medium Area Tube Spine 5m (Pipeslide)
Creative Area Tube Industry 8m (Pipeslide)
8m Down Rail Medium Area (Rail)
Lollipop Jib Medium Area (Specials)
Medium Area Tube Flat (Pipeslide)
Medium Area Tube Flat 5m (Pipeslide)
Medium Area Box Curved 5m (Box)
Creative Area Halfpipe Jib Pipe 40m (Pipe)
Creative Area Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
Creative Area Rail Elbow 8m (Rail)
Creative Area Rail Down 5m (Rail)
Creative Area Schnee-Elemente Hip 4m (Specials)
Medium Area Jump Funbox 5m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Funbox 6m (Kicker)
Medium Area Rail Down 4m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Down 4m (Rail)
Medium Area Rail Down 5m (Rail)
Medium Area Special Butterrail 4m (Specials)
Creative Area Special Ara Tonne (Specials)

Funslope Schöneben

Высота над уровнем моря
2340 m
800 m
Сторона света

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Park Size
Park Designer
Daniel Osterland
Оценка 5.0
8 Оценки
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