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At the foot of the imposing Kaiser Mountains, directly on the lake of the same name, lies the town of Walchsee in the district of Kufstein. The impressive Alpine panorama and the proximity to interesting excursion destinations in Bavaria and Tyrol make Walchsee the starting point for activities with the whole family.

Whether a mountain hike in the Kaiser Mountains or just a longer walk around the lake, which is up to 24 degrees warm in summer - there is an ideal tour for every hiking enthusiast in Walchsee. Bathing fun and relaxation, plus a hiking and biking paradise in front of the door, that is unique in this way at the Walchsee.

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Контакт Walchsee

Tourismusverband Kaiserwinkl
Postweg 6, A-6345 Kössen

+43 501 100
+43 501 100 19
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Озера Walchsee
Подвесные канатные дороги Работа в летнее время
  • Zahmer Kaiser - Walchsee
    21.05.2021 - 17.10.2021 (2 Подъемники)
  • Hochkössen - Unterberg
    19.05.2021 - 26.10.2021 (1 Подъемник)
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