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St. Andrä im Lungau

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St. Andrä im Lungau

A village to feel like home - A place to come to!

St. Andrä in the heart of the Salzburg Lungau region offers the ideal conditions for a manifold holiday in a wonderful mountain landscape.
The town is 1,044m above sea level in the peaceful Taurach valley, and enchants its guest with many details that are just waiting to be discovered. The municipality of St. Andrä includes the villages of Lintsching, Lasa, Haslach and parts of Wölting.
Take the time for lengthy walks in the clear mountain air. Admire the sensitivity and historical details with which the old farm buildings have been restored and modernised, the wonderful way the colourful, gloriously scented flowers that decorate the houses blend in with the landscape, and enjoy the heartiness and hospitality with which our hosts will welcome you.

If you want to have a holiday with lots of activities or you just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature around you - you are welcome in St. Andrä at any time.

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St. Andrä im Lungau
St. Andrä im Lungau
Lungau - Ferienregion

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St. Andrä 16, A-5572 St. Andrä im Lungau

+43 6474 2147
+43 6474 2283 75
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  • Fanningberg / Mariapfarr
    03.07.2022 - 11.09.2022 (1 Подъемник)
  • Katschberg
    04.06.2022 - 05.11.2022 (1 Подъемник)
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