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BERGFEX: Altenmarkt-Zauchensee: Отпуск Altenmarkt-Zauchensee - Путешествие Altenmarkt-Zauchensee

Salzburger Sportwelt


842 - 2.344m


842 - 2.344m

Hiking at every level

Altenmarkt-Zauchensee in Pongau county enchants its guests. It is a true twin holiday-paradise, just 65 km south of Salzburg.

Zauchensee (1,350 m), an alpine World Cup ski resort since 1980 was just summer pastures back in the 1950’s. Summer, in this scenic Hotel village, with its 4-Star hotels, is full of adventure up in the surounding mountains and on its idyllic lake. Altenmarkt (842 m) is a traditional market town with 4,000 residents, where history and modernity go hand in hand. This well-known pilgramage destination from the middle ages is full of rustic charm and has one of the most beautiful town centres in Austria. The oldest guesthouse here is the Markterwirt, open since 1528, with its enviable position next to the market square and church. Even Kaiser Franz Joseph I. stayed here with his hunting party. Deer and Chamois make themselves at home in the thick forests with sunny clearings surrounding the town and help Altenmarkt-Zauchensee to market itself as part of “Pongauer Wild” (Pongau Venison) in the indulgent culinary region of Salzburgerland. Guests are encouraged to cruise along the well-stocked High Street for “Shopping with Heart and Soul” with 80 local shops and boutiques, selling everything the heart desires. During festival days and at the many events held here throughout the year, guests get a real feel for the passion and welcoming attitude of the locals as they show off their beloved traditions and customs as well as events with a modern, creative twist.

The Gamskogel: Hiking and family friendly mountain up in Zauchensee

Rise swiftly up the mountain in style with the 6 man-chairlift starting in the heart of Zauchensee (1,350m). In just eight minutes, you reach the Gamskogel hut at 1,900 m above sea level. From here, you can take a gentle walk up to the Seekarena with its lake and relaxation zone or put on your backpack for a tour of the peaks. Tip for hikers and families: The Gamskogel hut has a great adventure playground and barbeque area!

Cycling and Mountainbiking in the mountains and valleys

Do you enjoy cruising through the valleys or challenging yourself on a mountainbike to visit the huts up in the summer pastures? Altenmarkt-Zauchensee is well suited to both of these cyclists. Those looking to relax can wend their way around the Feuersang circuit, even easier on an E Bike, and reach the Schlatterberg ridgeline with a break at the Winterbauer alpine guesthouse, with just 200m height gain. From there just head down to Flachau and back round the hill to Altenmarkt on the Enns cycle trail. Even easier is to follow the Enns river itself to the local towns.
Mountainbikers can take the more challenging circuits wth the Steinwand, Königslehen or up to Sattelbauer. They are marked as intermediate and reward you with wonderful views out over the surrounding alpine landscape as well as a variety of fun trails on your way back down!

Don’t forget: The easiest way to reach the heights in our region is by using the power of E-Bikes, to take on a real adventure on 2 wheels. There are several sports shops in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee that rent out E-Mountainbikes.

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+43 (0)6452 5511

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