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BERGFEX: Silberregion Karwendel: Отпуск Silberregion Karwendel - Путешествие Silberregion Karwendel

Silberregion Karwendel

Silberregion Karwendel

540 - 1.330m

Come along on a journey through a region which combines the old and the new in a respectful way. Look forward to the special features which each individual community will be happy to present. Just stroll along or delight in setting a swift pace in order to explore the summerly nature of the mountains on your Karwendel-holidays.

Those who like to move about have already won in the Silver Region. Yet not only family-friendly destinations such as Risstal Valley with the oldest Alpine village in Europe - the Engalm - and its demonstration cheese dairy beckon. Ambitious climbing enthusiasts will also find their paradise here, showing their surefootedness on the Loassattel, the hiking trails of the Kellerjoch panoramic mountain and on Gilfert mountain.
Guided hikes will bring our guests to as mysterious as splendid spots in all of the Silver Region Karwendel.

Those who prefer cycling or mountainbiking to hiking, can look forward to some leisurely bike cruising by themselves or with the whole family, made possible by the cycling trails on and around the Inn Cycle Path. For mountain bikers there are 42 mountain bike tours, covering more than 1,000 kilometres of distance.

Culture lovers are no less catered for in the region. The likely most famous attraction in Schwaz is the silver mine. Right next to it - in the planetarium - you can reach for the stars, in the exciting Tratzberg Castle children will also have lots of fun during their visit, the historic trains of the Achensee steam cog railway and the ZillertalRailway make every railway lover's heart melt. And finally, the old quarter of Schwaz beckons to stroll and linger.

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Советы для досуга Silberregion Karwendel

The guest card of the Silver Region Karwendel already makes clear that this is a region that, in addition to all the sports activities, makes great efforts to give its guests an understanding of...
Sie glauben, es ist nicht möglich, in 60 Minuten durch das Weltall zu spazieren?
Der Hochnissl in der Silberregion Karwendel!
Rund um Schwaz sind zahlreiche, teils sorgfältige renovierte Kapellen aus der Blütezeit des Bergbaus erhalten. Für die Knappen waren sie Orte der Einkehr und Fürbitte nach der harten und riskanten...
On 240 hectares stand 2,300 maple trees, the oldest counting some 700 annual rings. The great maple is dominant in the Karwendel mountains, it loves the gravelly soil. The natural monument...

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Контакт Silberregion Karwendel

TVB Silberregion Karwendel
Münchner Straße 11, AT-6130 Schwaz

+43 (0)5242 63240
Silberregion Karwendel
+43 (0)5242 63240 99

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Контакт Подвесные канатные дороги

Kellerjochbahn Schwaz-Pill
Innsbrucker Straße 73, AT 6130 Schwaz

+43 (0)5242 62323
+43 (0)5242 62323 21
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