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Roßleithen - die horse friendly village

The National Park-Village of Roßleithen in the centre of the Garstner valley reaches from the Sengsengebirge (Hoher Nock) mountains to the Warscheneckstock (Totes Gebirge). Roßleithen is the home of scythe production and the numerous scythe theme paths remind of the many factories in former times along the Pießling river - today there is only one left , the scythe factory Schröckenfux.

Freedom on horseback
Roßleithen is one of the six horse friendliest villages in Austria and has lots to offer for horse and rider. From marked riding trails to idyllic riding paths, Western or English style riding, therapeutic riding, lessons along the longe or pony riding - the horse ranges and horse friendly accommodation facilities cater for big and small horse lovers. A hint of adventure mixed with a touch of nostalgia is conveyed on a horses sleigh ride with beutifully decorated Haflinger horses, Shirehorses or noble thoroughbreds, running through snow covered winter wonderland.

Nature pure
Both the Pießling spring, one of the largest karst springs in the eastern lime alps with thousands of litres of water gushing per second and the Gleinkersee lake are highlights of the area. The beautiful alpine lake warms up to about 24°C during the summer months and offers welcome refreshment during hot summer days. A range of hiking trails in the area, like the trail to the friendly Dümmler alpine hut or to the romantic Veichtal valley are popular destinations. During winter the area is mainly frequented by nordic winter sport lovers enjoying the extensive cross country trails.

Fun & Game
Fun for the entire family is guaranteed at the Game and Leisure Park Enghagen in Roßleithen. About 400 animals and a diversive entertainment program excite the little ones – a ride on a little train, a forest and mushroom educational path and the mystery games along the Scythe Theme Trails are attractive activities for kids.

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Pyhrn-Priel Tourismus GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 2, A-4580 Windischgarsten

+43 7562 5266
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