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Olang | Valdaora – Vacationing at the Foot of the Kronplatz | Plan de Corones

Who isn't familiar with the Plan de Corones, the legendary skiing mountain in the heart of South Tyrol? Here in Valdaora, surrounded by the imposing backdrop of the Dolomites, vacationing is a unique experience both in the summer and the winter. So don't waste any time: Valdaora and its first-class lodgings – from the smallest bed and breakfasts to five-star hotels – are waiting to welcome you!

Hiking Vacations in South Tyrol

Discover the joy of hiking in South Tyrol: That's easy as pie in Valdaora. That's because our town is located at the crossroads of some of the most-beautiful regions of South Tyrol. In just seven days of easy hiking, you can hike through and explore seven extraordinary valleys and admire the unique flora and fauna of the nature parks. In fact, our own backyard mountain, the Plan de Corones, alone, offers great opportunities for a unique hiking vacation in South Tyrol.


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