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Krško lies at the point where the valley of the river Sava widens into the broad Krško Plain, with the river Krka winding lazily across its southern edge.

The people of these parts are proud of their past, which is revealed at every step through the area's rich cultural and historical heritage. That the area was inhabited far back in the ancient past is shown by the oldest archaeological finds, dating back all the way to the late Stone Age. Ajdovska Jama, a cave near Nemška Vas ("German Village"), is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Slovenia and offers evidence of the life and culture of Neolithic Man.

The early Iron Age left its own mute witnesses in Libna. And despite the fact that the river Sava changed its course across the gravelly Krško Plain long ago, the remains of Neviodunum, a former Roman town and river port, are still visible near Drnovo. The town of Krško grew up on both banks of the river Sava. The old town centre has undergone restoration and renovation, giving the town an orderly appearance and the character of an administrative centre. The new part of the town, on the left bank of the river, is mainly dedicated to business and commerce. The more recent history of Krško, characterised by intensive industrial development, has left a unique mark on the town.

Today the energy and paper industries in the area are interwoven with and complemented by numerous other activities in tourism, enterprise and small business sectors. In this diverse setting of unspoilt nature and culture, where the present blends with the heritage of past centuries, there are incontrovertible proofs that the picturesque region between the hills of the Gorjanci and Bohor ranges has always been extremely interesting and attractive. This is the world in miniature which, despite everything that has happened over the course of its history, has managed to retain an authentic character of its own.


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TIC Krško
Cesta krških žrtev 46, SI-8270 Krško

+386 7 490 22 20
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