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BERGFEX: Hochzeiger - Pitztal: Отпуск Hochzeiger - Pitztal - Путешествие Hochzeiger - Pitztal


Hochzeiger - Pitztal

1.450 - 2.450m

Hochzeiger - Pitztal

1.450 - 2.450m

Welcome to the Hochzeiger, the peak of adventure!

Savour sublime family-friendliness, Pitztal hospitality, over 100km of signposted hiking trails, and loads more...

Lush-green mountain meadows, the delightful fragrance of Alpine herbs and the cleanest fresh air - where else is summer more beautiful?

The Hochzeiger is not only a secret tip for families and hiking excursions but also for mountain bikers, nordic walkers, paragliders, hanggliders and for those who simply enjoy life itself.
Discover for yourself the beauties of the unique world of fauna and flora. It is worth it!

The ZirbenPark: Feel the magic and enjoy with all your senses.

The Swiss stone pine (known as "Zirben" in German, after which the park is named), also referred to as the "Queen of the Alps", is a tree that can be found on high altitude mountains and whose appearance is rare in terms of geography. It is said to have positive effects on human well-being. One of the most beautiful Swiss stone pine forest areas in Tirol can be found on the Hochzeiger in Pitztal. Embark on a very special circular hike in the new ZirbenPark at the middle station and learn about these noble wood species in all their facets and their harmonizing scent. We look forward to your visit!

Operating times in summer 2016:
Hochzeiger gondolas:
from 03.06. to 05.06.2017 and from 10.06. to 15.10.2017
daily from 9.00 to 17.00

Sechszeiger two-seater chair lift:
18.06. to 24.09.2017
daily from 9.10 bis 17.00
(not in operation in rainy weather)

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Hochzeiger - Pitztal
Hochzeiger - Pitztal
Hochzeiger - Pitztal
Hochzeiger - Pitztal

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Hochzeiger - Pitztal
Liss 270, AT-6474 Jerzens

+43 (0)5414 87000
+43 (0)5414 87000 74

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Hochzeiger - Pitztal
Liss 270, AT 6474 Jerzens

+43 (0)5414 87000
+43 (0)5414 87000 74
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  • Hochzeiger - Jerzens im Pitztal
    15.06.2018 - 14.10.2018 (2 Подъемники)
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