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Above the spa town of Merano lies Dorf Tirol, an ideal starting point for a hiking vacation in South Tyrol. The network of trails around Dorf Tirol includes about 70 km of marked trails at all altitudes, from botanical promenades to low mountain ranges and up to the high alpine Spronser Seenplatte in the Texelgruppe Nature Park. Thus, here you will find countless opportunities for easy, but also challenging hikes.

Dorf Tirol is also a place of culture. It stands for the history of the country like no other village in South Tyrol. Numerous cultural treasures, castles and churches bear witness to this. The ancestral castle, Castle Tyrol, is today the seat of the Museum of Regional History, probably the most extensive historical collection in the region. Culture is also part of everyday life here. In the fruit and wine village, which is characterized by agriculture, living customs and traditions are upheld. With its stores and boutiques, cafés and restaurants, swimming pools and sports facilities, Dorf Tirol is an ideal place for leisure, pleasure and active vacations in South Tyrol.

In addition to numerous leisure activities, Dorf Tirol also offers a wide range of accommodation options: Dorf Tirol offers 5,000 guest beds of every category, from 5-star luxury hotels to private room rentals.

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Tourismusverein Dorf Tirol
Hauptstr. 31, I-39019 Tirol

+39 0473 923 314
+39 0473 923 012
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