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ANIF - the green south of Salzburg - welcome each of its guests

Nature and tradition, these are values ​​that are still very important with us. Here, each visitor is greeted personally and warmly welcomed. The rural community with an urban character is the perfect base for exploring the environment. The customer request is fulfilled by the respective restaurant and hotel business. Whether meetings, trade shows or holiday - there is still a balance of professionalism and family nearby. Anif offers everything to everybody and even more.

Activities in Salzburg's south green

You want to golf, tennis, walking outdoors? Then visit us and experience the beauty of nature. Anif itself is an island of greenery and offers the perfect base from which you can discover Salzburg and its surrounding.

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Tourismusbüro Anif
Aniferstraße 10, A-5081 Anif

+43 6246 72365
+43 6246 72365 50
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