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Stanton Park

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Stanton Park

St. Anton am Arlberg


The STANTON PARK is the Freestyle Mecca on the Arlberg

Sun-drenched, with snow as far as the eye can see, never-ending slopes and a breath-taking view - that’s the Arlberg. The “cradle of alpine skiing” offers everything a winter sports-fan could wish for. Known for its countless snowy slopes, which are a must for ski tours and freeriders, the Rendl is not an insider’s tip for freestylers anymore either. The Rendl gondola in St. Anton, newly rebuilt in 2009, takes you directly from the village centre to the top of the mountain. There you will find a snowpark which you probably would not expect in this size and quality in a freeride paradise: The STANTON PARK. While most riders are making a pilgrimage to the freestyle-Mecca at the Arlberg every winter, many motivated locals are already there. The young guns of the SCA Newschool Team, for instance, are working on their skills there.

Neo Park Designer Jure Gradič will roll up his sleeves this season together with his shape crew and conjure up a freestyle arena deluxe. At over 2000 metres above sea level, the compactly built park offers up to 34 varied features, thanks to the earth works and the guaranteed snow on the Arlberg. Since it has its own park-lift, you can enjoy an almost infinite number of runs in one day. Divided into three areas, the STANTON PARK offers something for riders of any level.

If you’re feeling really worn out after all these endless runs, go ahead and enjoy the relaxing beach vibes. Beach vibes on the Arlberg? That’s right - sun-seeking freestylers can charge their batteries at the Rendl Beach Bar. As an extra benefit, you can comfortably overview the park action from the terrace.

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Лыжный район St. Anton am Arlberg

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Высота над уровнем моря
2025 m
320 m
Сторона света

In fünf Bereichen bietet der STANTON PARK für Rider jeder Könnerstufe das passende Trainingsareal. Für Anfänger und jüngere Fahrer bietet die Kids Area jede Menge Abwechslung.
Direkt danach geht’s weiter in die Beginner Area: Verschiedene Butter-Boxen stehen dort unter anderem zur Auswahl. Natürlich gibt’s hier nicht nur für die Jibber etwas – auf fünf kleinen Kickern könnt ihr die ersten Sprünge üben. Genug aufgewärmt?
Dann bieten die zahlreichen Features in der Medium Area ausreichend Spielraum. Wem das alles noch zu wenig ist, der kann sich direkt zum Wallride in der Advanced Area begeben. Das große Finale findet in der Pro Area statt, wo der 14m Kicker für Airtime sorgt.

Easy Area Butter Box Elephant 6m (Box)
Easy Area Butter Box Flat/Down 6m (Box)
Easy Area Jump Kicker 3m (Kicker)
Easy Area Jump Kicker 3m (Kicker)
Easy Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Easy Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Jib Wallride 6m (Specials)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 7m (Kicker)
Jump Roller 7m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
Jump Roller 10m (Kicker)
Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Jib Wallride 6m (Specials)
Easy Area Box Flat 8m (Box)
Pro Area Jump Kicker 14m (Kicker)
Pro Area Jump Kicker 15m (Kicker)
Pro Area Jump Kicker 13m (Kicker)
Pro Area Jump Kicker 20m (Kicker)
Pro Area Tube Cannon 7m (Pipeslide)
Post Box Flat/Down 8m (Rail)
Schnee-Elemente Funbox 10m (Specials)
Easy Area Box Up 3m (Box)
Easy Area Box Rainbow 6m (Box)
Tube Down 8m (Pipeslide)
Pro Area Schnee-Elemente Knuckle Roller 8m (Specials)
Easy Area Box Flat 5m (Box)
Rail Kink 7m (Rail)
Pro Area Jib Pole Jam 8m (Specials)
Rail Up/Flat 8m (Rail)
Easy Area Tube Flat 5m (Pipeslide)
Schnee-Elemente Small Wave (Specials)
Easy Area Schnee-Elemente Small Wave (Specials)
Pro Area Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Tube Down 6m (Pipeslide)
Pro Area Halfpipe Halfpipe 6m (Pipe)
Easy Area Tube Down 6m (Pipeslide)
Pro Area Rail Flat/Down 10m (Rail)
Box Up 3m (Box)

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Park Designer
Jure Gradič
Оценка 4,3
9 Оценки
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