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Snowpark Snowpark Obergurgl - Funpark Snowpark Obergurgl - Park Obergurgl - Hochgurgl - Snowboarden

Snowparks Tirol

Snowpark Obergurgl


Snowpark Obergurgl

Obergurgl - Hochgurgl

The Snowpark Obergurgl

At a high altitude between about 2000 and over 3000 meters, the ski resort Obergurgl-Hochgurgl offers the best conditions for all snow enthusiasts. Due to this alpine location in the Ötztal region, the ski resort is among the areas with the most reliable snow coverage. Therefore the Diamond of the Alps is always one of the first resorts to open their slopes for you.

The “Girls Who Ride” session with Nikita
All girls can look forward to a coaching session on Januar 5, 2019 where freeski and snowboard coaches will help you progress your riding with some valuable tips and tricks. In a relaxed atmosphere you can work on your moves and hang out with other girls. A media crew will also cover the action and additionally, you will get to enjoy great music and a delicious BBQ.

Weekly Coaching Sessions
The brand-new highlight this winter is called "Weekly Coaching". Not only girls, but also all boys can work on their shred-skills and get tips from a professional coach. And as the name gives away, the coaching doesn’t just take place once but every Friday for 15 weeks. The first session goes down on January 4, 2019 and returns every week until April 12, 2019. No matter if rookie or pro, young or old - everyone is welcome.

"Coaching Sessions for everyone" is the motto as there will be a coaching day for the youngest shredders too. In cooperation with SnowHow, there will be a special freestyle session for kids on February 15, 2019. Participation is free of charge but it’s requested to pre-register as the number of participants is limited.

“Game of Diamonds” – The QParks Tour Finale
Look forward to a spectacular "Game of Diamonds" because the last and most important contest of the season 2018/19 - the grand finale of the QParks Tour - will take place at the Snowpark Obergurgl! Therefore, Sunday, March 31, 2019 should also be marked bold in your calendar.

For all of you who are not familiar with the QParks Tour: It is the biggest snowboard and freeski contest series in the Alps which offers ambitious rookies the possibility to breathe some fresh competition air within a professional surrounding. The skills of the young riders are being judged by pro judges with international experience and the winners are rewarded with great goodies and prize money.

The most recent info on the Snowpark Obergurgl can be found via www.snowpark–obergurgl.com as well as on Facebook.

Лыжный район Obergurgl - Hochgurgl

Schnee- und Parkstatus

49 minutes ago

Высоты снежного покрова Сегодня, 08:14
Сегодня, 08:14
310 cm
240 cm
22 с 25
Открытые подъемники
Ausgezeichnete Schnee- und Pistenverhältnisse im gesamten Skigebiet Obergurgl-Hochgurgl.
Dienstag: Nachtskilauf in Obergurgl Mittwoch: Hüttenabend mit Live Musik auf der Hohe Mut Alm Donnerstag: Nachtskilauf & Nachtrodeln in Hochgurgl

Snowpark Obergurgl

Высота над уровнем моря
2220 m
400 m
Сторона света
6m Curved Box Medium Area (Box)
5m Down Tube Medium Area (Pipeslide)
6m Flat/Down Box Medium Area (Box)
8m Kicker Medium Area (Kicker)
5m Flat Tube Medium Area (Pipeslide)
6m Wallride Jib Advanced Area (Specials)
7m Down Rail Advanced Area (Rail)
10m Kicker Advanced Area (Kicker)
Lollipop Jib Advanced Area (Specials)
8m Rainbow Tube Advanced Area (Pipeslide)
4m Tank Jib Advanced Area (Specials)
9m Down/Flat/Down Rail Advanced Area (Rail)
6m Wallride Jib Medium Area (Specials)
Jib-Wave Medium Area (Kicker)
Jib-Wave Medium Area (Kicker)
Jib-Wave Medium Area (Kicker)
5m Flat Tube Medium Area (Pipeslide)
6m Kicker Medium Area (Kicker)
6m Kicker Medium Area (Kicker)
10m Corner Jump Advanced Area (Kicker)
7m Kicker Advanced Area (Kicker)
6m Multibox Advanced Area (Box)

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Park Size
Park Designer
Lana Behla
Оценка 1.8
6 Оценки
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