Welcome - Welcome - Benvenuto in Graz!
The culture and enjoyment capital

No matter what language you speak, Graz welcomes you with an international smile and a warm Styrian "Grüß Gott"!

Arriving in Graz is like saying yes! to a new friendship. The feeling of familiarity is immediate and the narrow streets and squares, the imposing buildings and the many museums and galleries make you want to learn more about this unknown city at the crossroads of cultures.

The sunny flair of the south, contemporary architecture next to medieval houses, cultural and culinary delicacies as well as shopping in the hip and trendy shops of the "City of Design", these are all good arguments for a varied and at the same time relaxed stay in Graz.

Cultural Capital Graz
From UNESCO World Cultural Heritage to contemporary architecture, from the world-famous weapons collection in the Landeszeughaus to the small, fine gallery hidden in a side alley - Graz offers something for everyone. There is always a lot going on in Graz - just as you like it. The varied repertoire ranges from top events and congresses to exciting concerts and entertaining opera and theatre performances. A harmonious overture that Graz composes anew for every season.

Enjoyment capital Graz
Enjoy all year round in the pleasure capital Graz. Numerous products such as Styrian pumpkin seed oil, beetle beans or Styrian horseradish accompany the gastronomy throughout the year and keep you in good spirits. A full culinary calendar offers numerous events (such as the "Gourmet Travel Festival") throughout the year. And at the Genuss Hauptstadt Graz partner businesses, culinary delights with many fresh products of local origin await you. These can also be purchased at the numerous genuine farmer's markets in the middle of the city.

Graz City of Design
The city of Graz is part of the international network of "Creative Cities" along with nine other world cities such as Berlin, Montreal or Buenos Aires. Thus, Graz can officially be counted among the particularly future-oriented places and metropolises. "City of Design " is a lived attitude and expression of an urban culture that sees the conscious design of living space as a central value. In Graz, this is by far not only evident in the spectacular architectural buildings of recent years - such as the Kunsthaus, Murinsel, MUMUTH, Botanical Garden, MP09, university buildings, etc. - but above all by the enormous creative potential in the most diverse disciplines - from art to commerce, from fashion to technology.

Text & photos: wwww.graztourismus.at/

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