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Flattach – The village is situated at the foot of the Mölltaler Gletscher

The holiday resort of Flattach is situated at the foot of the Mölltaler Gletscher, Carinthia's only year-round skiing area. At over 3.000 m above sea level, you will not only enjoy excellent slope conditions on more than 300 days a year, but also the view and panorama inspire you. For those who prefer hiking boots in summer, a wide range of hiking routes and walking options are wating for you in the close range of the glacier. Experiences with a WOW effect are guaranteed!

The wild and romantic Raggaschlucht is a special attraction and offers refreshing moments. Surrounded by the roar of the water, you walk through this natural monument on fascinating laid wooden bridges. Wet cooling is also guaranteed on a rafting tour or a kayak trip in the Mölltal white water arena down the Möll river.

Enjoy fantastic holidays in winter and summer - amidst impressive natural landscapes on the Southern Side of Austria.

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Контакт Flattach

Info- & Buchungscenter Flattach (Gemeinde Flattach)
Flattach 99, A-9831 Flattach

+43 4785 615
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