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Banská Bystrica Region


910 - 1.361m
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910 - 1.361m

A big park and even bigger dreams, that is PARK SNOW Donovaly!
In summer, Donovaly changes into an oasis of calm, ideal for relaxing, or an active rest for hikers and cyclists in the breathtaking countryside of the Low Tatra and Large Fatra National Parks.
So don’t be afraid and give your dreams free rein whatever the time of year…

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Контакт Donovaly

Info Donovaly
Nám. Sv. A. Paduánskeho 136, SK-976 39 Donovaly

+421 48 4199 900
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PARK SNOW Donovaly
Pod Magurou 801, SK-976 39 Donovaly

+421 48 4199 881
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  • PARK SNOW Donovaly
    14.04.2022 - 01.11.2022 (1 Подъемник)
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