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Chur - Brambrüesch

595 - 2.174m
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Chur - Brambrüesch

595 - 2.174m

Brambrüesch - Chur’s Local Mountain

A mountain experience right from the center of town

Direct access to summer and winter sports areas... Well in Switzerland that’s only possible in Chur. Beautiful mountain meadows, a unique alpine flora and breathtaking panoramic views await visitors from spring until autumn. Hikes over the Dreibündenstein to Pradaschier or Feldis offer an extremely varied hiking experience, with Pradaschier even offering a fast toboggan run at the end. Brambrüesch is also one of the top destinations in Switzerland in terms of mountain bike experiences thanks to the Alpenbikepark Chur with its 5 freeride routes as well as spectacular enduro bike trails. An interesting Moorland route and fun scooter rides for young and old complete the summer mountain experience.

All that exercise makes you hungry right?! Brambrüesch boasts several mountain restaurants that spoil their guests all year round with culinary delights, spectacular views and cosy sun terraces. Trips to Chur’s mountain are also a great experience for companies, clubs, schools and other groups. The mountain can be reached directly from the town thanks to the gondola and can also be combined with a guided city tour through Chur’s picturesque old town.

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Chur Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 3, CH-7000 Chur GR

+41 81 254 43 12
+41 81 254 58 89
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Bergbahnen Chur - Dreibündenstein AG
Kasernenstr. 15, CH-7007 Chur

+41 81 250 55 90
+41 81 250 55 91
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