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Bredstedt - The town in the heart of North Frisia

Bredstedt is ideal for anyone who wants to get to know North Friesland. The pleasant air health resort lies on the scenic border between the wide marshlands and the wooded Geest. It is also close to the North Sea and the Wadden Sea National Park. With its winding lanes, the tranquil mill pond and the lively market square, the town offers many opportunities to linger. The Nature Centre and the Nordfriisk Instituut are also worth a visit.

For those who prefer sporting activities, there is a running and walking trail in the Quickhorn forest or a tower on the Stollberg. A breathtaking view of the Halligwelt awaits you there. The adventure outdoor pool with its large water climbing facility is also challenging. The region around Bredstedt can also be wonderfully explored by bike. The tourist information office has suitable route plans ready.

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Контакт Bredstedt

Tourist-Info Bredstedt
Markt 29, D-25821 Bredstedt

+49 4671 58 57
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