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/ Healthy holidays in the Tegernsee holiday region! /

The Tegernsee holiday region is a recreation area that is second to none. In the middle of a beautiful mountain world, there are numerous opportunities all year round to switch off, enjoy and recharge your batteries.

Health is a tradition at Lake Tegernsee. Already 500 years ago, the first pilgrims who knew about the healing power of St. Quirinus oil came to the Tegernsee monastery. In the 19th century, the high nobility regularly came to spa treatments in Kreuth. At the beginning of the 20th century, Bad Wiessee encountered the strongest iodine sulfur springs in Germany, which have been used for healing purposes since then. Today, the iodine-sulfur bath health center, which has been newly opened and completely rebuilt in 2020, uses baths, spray baths, eye baths and inhalations to alleviate and heal diseases of the eyes, skin, respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system.

There are also many renowned rehabilitation clinics in the region, such as three medical park clinics, the private clinic in Jägerwinkel, the clinic in the Alpenpark or the orthopedic clinic Tegernsee.

Whether rehabilitation after accidents or operations, therapeutic measures for joint and spinal disorders or sports medicine - the orthopedic treatment methods in our clinics are gentle and effective. With mobility training on climbing rocks, exercises in a BMW as a rehabilitation vehicle or targeted training sessions in the beautiful and challenging mountain landscape, the therapies are not only effective but can also be a lot of fun.

Today's diseases of civilization include diseases of the cardiovascular system. Rehabilitation after a heart attack and after cardiac operations, cures for circulatory and cardiac arrhythmias or the prevention of these diseases are made possible by the most modern diagnostic methods and specialized doctors.

Metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity or allergies or intolerances are treated preventively or therapeutically in the clinics. In the foreground is always a positive change in lifestyle in order to bring about a long-term improvement of these diseases.

A range of spa doctors and spa facilities are available for outpatient spa treatments. With an outpatient treatment, you live in a hotel of your choice and organize your stay yourself. We are happy to help you plan.

A wide range of relaxing and beneficial offers - from classic massage to reed sauna and Ayurveda - are available throughout the region. For all those who want to treat themselves and their bodies to something very special, the Tegernsee has a real treat - the first beauty farm in Europe. Since its foundation, it has been about more than just the outer shell. Guests should feel comfortable and find inner balance and vitality.

It is the mixture of a soothing climate, targeted exercise and a picture book landscape that makes healing climate hiking a real experience and awakens new life energy. There are numerous hiking trails and Nordic walking routes around the lake, summarized in the Heilklimapark Tegernsee. It is up to you whether you prefer to go for a guided tour or go exploring alone.

If you want to be even more active on your vacation at Lake Tegernsee, the most beautiful mountain peaks, sparkling lakes for swimming, sailing and surfing, numerous bike paths, golf courses, cross-country ski trails and much more.

Enjoyable, healthy, moving: With information on health offers and competent advice when planning your stay, the "Healthy Land" network ensures a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere even before your holiday.


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