Bad Heilbrunn

684 - 1.348m
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Bad Heilbrunn
684 - 1.348m

Bad Heilbrunn lies in the Upper Bavarian alpine foothills in the middle of the German Alps Route. This traditional spa nestles in the beautiful alpine foothills landscape as though it had been planted by nature itself. Bad Heilbrunn is distinguished by the proverbial Bavarian hospitality, and the place hasn’t changed much over the years, making it ideal for those who prefer a somewhat more personal and quieter experience. One of the finest vacation regions in Germany with world-famous sights stretches in all directions. Neuschwanstein and the royal castles, the Wieskirche, many lakes, the King Ludwig Musical and the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak, are all within easy reach thanks to the central location. Bad Heilbrunn rose to fame in the 17th century when it became the Bavarian Court spa. Even today, you can still do a lot for your health in Bad Heilbrunn. The VitArea is one of the most modern wellness and fitness centers in South Germany. Nature lovers find all they can wish for. Swimming fun at its best in one of the many crystal-clear lakes and the countless cycling and hiking trails invite to wonderful tours. Of course, you can always find refreshment in the typical Bavarian beer gardens ...

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Bad Heilbrunn
Bad Heilbrunn
Bad Heilbrunn
Bad Heilbrunn

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