Brienz - Axalp

560 - 1.535m
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Brienz - Axalp
560 - 1.535m

Welcome to the typical Swiss lakeside village of Brienz, located in the heart of Switzerland. This beautiful and historical area is simply fascinating. You will feel at home and enjoy the positive energy, pleace of mind and satisfaction which arise from the magic lake and surrounding mountains. Spend relaxing days discovering this jewel which will capture you forever. Brienz is centrally located and offers countless unique attractions and possibilities for excursions.

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Brienz - Axalp
Brienz - Axalp
Brienz - Axalp
Brienz - Axalp

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Brienz Tourismus
Hauptstrasse 143, CH-3855 Brienz

+41 33 952 80 80
+41 33 952 80 88
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Brienz Rothorn Bahn
CH-3855 Brienz

+41 33 952 22 11
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Озера Brienz - Axalp
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