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Ascona: the pearl of Lake Maggiore. Today it is an exclusive tourist destination, a lakeside paradise; its extraordinary history is however filled with art and culture.

As soon as you catch a glimpse of the Ascona lakefront, the fishing landscape and the colorful lakeside houses, which imbue the scenery with a Mediterranean character, will impress you. It is the ideal location for relaxation, taking walks and enjoying the splendid sunset on the lake.

The traces left by the many artists who lived in the village are tangible in the narrow alleys that lead to piazza G. Motta on the lakefront. But not only! Its cultural tradition also leads us away from the historical center, up the Ascona hill, into the heart of nature. Monte Verità: this is the name that was given to this magical place settled by people who, in search of tranquility, created a veritable spiritual refuge. A settlement that later attracted internationally renowned revolutionaries, philosophers, writers, poets and artists.

The village’s privileged position and mild climate make it the perfect setting for the successful cultural events that take place, mainly, in the summer season.


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Organizzazione turistica Lago Maggiore e Valli
Via B. Luini 3, CH-6600 Locarno

+41848 091 091
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