BERGFEX: Alto Serio und Asta: Отпуск Alto Serio und Asta - Путешествие Alto Serio und Asta

Val Seriana / Serio-Tal

Alto Serio und Asta

539 - 900m
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Alto Serio und Asta

539 - 900m

The mountainous heart of the valleys, the kingdom of the imposing Serio waterfall, the highest Bergamascan peaks, the beautiful Val Sanguigno and Valzuro, of parks, verdant green meadows, refuges, snow-covered countryside, excursion itineraries and protected wildlife.

And as well as all of that, the upper valley is also the realm of culture and sport: Gromo, with its medieval village, the picturesque Ardesio, the two ski areas of Spiazzi di Gromo and Lizzola. All the right ingredients to enable you to enjoy a marvellous holiday.


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Контакт Alto Serio und Asta

IAT Val Seriana e Val di Scalve
via Europa 111/c, I-24028 Ponte Nossa

+39 035 704063
+39 035 0662593
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