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Snowparks Aletsch Arena

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Snowparks Aletsch Arena

Aletsch Arena / Riederalp - Bettmeralp - Fiesch-Eggishorn

Snowparks Aletsch Arena - Halpipe auf der Bettmeralp.

The Aletsch Arena snow & fun parks make sure that snowboarders and freestylers don't miss out on jumps or rails.

TFI snow park and halfpipe
A great attraction for all freestylers: they love the kicker lines and rail line at the TFI snow park, and let rip in the halfpipe. Younger freestylers can practice their skills in the family park on "wupps", banks and the "mini-kicks". And to make sure you can practise the perfect 360-degree turns and extreme slopes, the park uses the special PipeMagician.
Location: Kanzel/Salzgäb piste

Eggishorn and Concordia fun parks
Fancy freestyling? The freestyle areas in Fiescheralp are perfect for all beginners. "Funpark Konkordia" has small mogul and banked pistes and "Funpark Eggishorn" rails and jumps. Important: Both fun parks are only prepared when snow conditions are good.
Location: To the left and right of the Konkordia piste

Лыжный район Aletsch Arena / Riederalp - Bettmeralp - Fiesch-Eggishorn

Schnee- und Parkstatus

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Высоты снежного покроваВчера, 17:21
Вчера, 17:21
174 cm
110 cm
35 с 35
Открытые подъемники
Am Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2021 öffnen folgende Sportanlagen bereits um 08:30 Uhr: - Trainerlift, Riederalp - KB Moosfluh, Riederalp - SB Hohfluh, Riederalp - SB Blausee, Bettmeralp - SL Alpmatten, Bettmeralp - Trainerlift, Bettmeralp - SB Schönbiel, Bettmeralp - Trainerlift, Fiescheralp - SB Flesch, Fiescheralp



Funpark Eggishorn - FIESCHERALP


Funpark Konkordia - FIESCHERALP


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