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BERGFEX: Лыжный район Roggenboden - Лыжный отпуск Roggenboden - Wintersportgebiet Roggenboden

Лыжный район Roggenboden


930 - 1.000m

План лыжни Лыжный район Roggenboden

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Втр, 17.10., 16:13
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Лыжный район Roggenboden

Our small family ski area is ideal for beginners and advanced wintersport enthusiasts.
Beside a ski school for children and adults there is also a magic carpet for beginners available. The two lifts in the ski resort Roggenboden are fully equipped with flood-lights, so you can also enjoy your ski pass in the evening.

Almost every day there are night sledding sessions offered.
You will not drive at a narrow toboggan run, but on two specially-prepared slopes. Of course we do not use any normal standard - sleds, but specifically developed toboggans with special skis and of course a special hook design for easy and carefree rise by lift.

With the free shuttle bus you can reach directly from Auffach (Schatzbergbahn) and from Oberau or Niederau (Markbachjoch) the slopes of Roggenboden.

The Wildschönauer ski pass is valid during the day in the ski resort Roggenboden.
All ski passes are available directly in the ski resort Roggenboden.

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Контакт Лыжный район Roggenboden

Лыжный район Roggenboden

Riedmann e.U. , Apparthotel Talhof
Roggenboden, Oberau 190, A-6311 Wildschönau

+43 (0)5339 8465
Снежный телефон
+43 (0)664 1254031
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