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Лыжные районы Lika - Karlovac

Лыжный район Mukinje Plitvice

640 - 690m
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Подъемники Mukinje Plitvice


Рабочее время Зима

09:00 - 16:00

Лыжни Mukinje Plitvice

1,5 km (1)
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1,5 km

Новшества Mukinje Plitvice

On Fridays and Saturdays we also organize night skiing under floodlights from 5 PM to 9 PM.

Лыжный район Mukinje Plitvice

Skiing has been part of winter tourism activities offered by the Plitvice Lakes National Park since the 1980s. The ski resort is located next to the DC429 state road, in the town Mukinje.

It is approximately 2.5 km away from Entrance 2 and the Plitvice Lakes National Park hotel complex, and some 5 km away from Entrance 1 and the famous restaurant “Lička kuća”, in the direction of the Adriatic coast.

The ski resort has one ski lift with the capacity of 400 skiers per hour which pulls them to the glade at approximately 700 m a.s.l., from where the skiers can descend via several ski trails back to the foot, which is at about 640 m a.s.l.

The ski trails are around 400 m long. Apart from skiing and snowboarding, it is also possible to ride a sleigh down a slope to which the sleigh riders climb on their own. Due to the gentle slope gradient (average slope gradient is 15%), the resort is suitable for beginners, recreational skiers and children.

Source: Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera /

Контакт Лыжный район Mukinje Plitvice

Снежный телефон
+385 (0)53 751 281
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TZ Plitvice Lakes - Korenica
Trg sv. Jurja 6, HR-53230 Korenica

+385 (0)53 776 798
Снежный телефон
+385 (0)53 751 281
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