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BERGFEX: Лыжный район Lermoos - Grubigsteinbahnen - Лыжный отпуск Lermoos - Grubigsteinbahnen - Wintersportgebiet Lermoos - Grubigsteinbahnen

Лыжный район Lermoos - Grubigsteinbahnen

Lermoos - Grubigsteinbahnen

1.000 - 2.160m

План лыжни Лыжный район Lermoos - Grubigsteinbahnen

Лыжный район Lermoos - Grubigsteinbahnen

Langes-Resorts - enthuse for mountains:

The ski regions Marienberg in Biberwier an d Grubigstein in Lermoos are offering you 15 mountain cableways and lifts, 47 kilometers of slopes, snow-making machines, flood lighting, an easily accessible location without mountain roads and passes.

Langes-Resorts - enthuses for motions:

With"NTC Sport" our guests are sure to enjoy fun in the snow. This also applies for guest without any experience in the mountains. In our NTC Parks, Guides show and educate you in the snow. Sports equipment are on stand by for your fun.

Langes-Resorts - enthuse with relish:

Here the cosiness of the Alpine lodges invites you to take a break from skiing and stop for an enjoyable lunch or an apres ski full of atmosphere and wonderful view on the beautiful Zugspitze, our German neighbours' highest mountain.

New: NTC Park and Hochmoos Express!!

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Контакт Лыжный район Lermoos - Grubigsteinbahnen

Лыжный район Lermoos - Grubigsteinbahnen

Berglifte Langes GesmbH & Co. KG
Juch 3, A-6631 Lermoos

+43 (0)5673 2323
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+43 (0)5673 3329
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