BERGFEX: Лыжный район Masella / Alp 2500 - Лыжный отпуск Masella / Alp 2500

Лыжные районы Catalonia

Лыжный район Masella / Alp 2500

1.606 - 2.509m
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Masella / Alp 2500

1.606 - 2.509m

План лыжни Лыжный район Masella / Alp 2500

Подъемники Masella / Alp 2500


Рабочее время Зима

13.11.2019 - 13.03.2020
09:15 - 16:45

Weekends & Holidays: 9.00h to 17.00h
Weekdays: 9.15h to 16.45h

Night Skiing:
Thursday: 18.00 to 20.00 h
Saturday and holidays: 18.30 to 21.30 h

Лыжни Masella / Alp 2500

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Лыжный район Masella / Alp 2500

The ski resort Masella is located in the Catalan Pyrenees in the region of Gerona.
The La Masella Ski Resort is located in the countryside of Cerdanya and offers with its highest peak - the La Tossa d'Alp with 2.536 m - a spectacular vantage point and ski mountain.

The skiresort Masella is connected to the skiresort La Molina through the Alp 2500 project. So it is now possible to use both ski areas, without having to switch off your ski or snowboard. This makes the project Spain's largest ski resort with a total of 27 lifts and over 130 kilometers of pistes available.

By night Masella Nocturno gives the possibility to ride 10 km of illuminated slopes, 7 lifts are opened.

The ski area Masella has one of the largest artificial snow installations throughout Spain. There is also a ski and snowboard school of high quality.

In addition, a lot of restaurants and cafés according to the size of the ski area can be found in the villages and in the ski resort. In the resort Masella there is also a full range of infrastructure with shops, hotels, nursery for children, etc.

Контакт Лыжный район Masella / Alp 2500

Снежный телефон
+34 (0)972 14 40 00
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