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Лыжные гонки Mariazeller Land

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Mariazeller Land

850 m

Loipenplan Mariazeller Land

We are in the heart of the Alpine foothills. The cross-country skiing network around the world championship trail in the beautiful Mariazeller Land is right on the border between Styria and Lower Austria. The location is uniquely beautiful, the mountain air fresh and the atmosphere in Mariazeller Land is known as being particularly lively. And not just because the lovely church of pilgrimage boosts your energy. Although, having said that, few other pilgrimage sites in the world can look back on such an impressive history (Mariazell has been a place of pilgrimage since 1330).

Mariazell is also very suitable for a Nordic walking holiday. The corresponding circuits in the cross-country skiing centre of St. Sebastian are always worth a sporting visit.

Even though it is only 1 trail, it is particularly beautiful and also measures 19.5 kilometres, of which 8.5 kilometres are set up for stating-style skiers. There are also two ski schools on site. For those who prefer hiking, 10 kilometres of beautiful trails lead through the countryside here.


Mariazeller Land Loipe: Tageskarte auf freiwilliger Basis € 4,-
Saisonkarte: € 42,- (erhältlich bei der Stadtgemeinde Mariazell)

Loipen in der Walstern: freiwillige Spende erbeten!

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ACHTUNG: aufgrund von COVID 19 ist die Gastronomie geschlossen

St. Sebastian: Gh Bartelbauer (03882/2459), JUFA Erlaufsee Sport Resort (05/7083-390),
Mitterbach: Gh Grabner (03882/2693),
Walstern: Gh Reininger (Wuchtlwirtin - 03882/2235)

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+43 (0)3882/2366
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Tourismusverband Mariazeller Land

Hauptplatz 13, A-8630 Mariazell
+43 (0)3882 2366

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