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Meran und Umgebung

Tisens - Prissian

613 - 2.297m
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Tisens - Prissian

613 - 2.297m

*Welcome to the holiday area Tisens - Prissian!

The Tisner Mittelgebirge in the holiday region Meraner Land in South Tyrol - Italy is an oasis of unspoilt nature that is second to none:

  • picturesque villages (Tisens, Prissian, Grissian, Naraun, Gfrill, Platzers and Schernag).
  • A wide range of culinary options, from rustic snacks to gourmet restaurants (19 inns/restaurants).
  • 6 castles and 11 churches/chapels
  • Cultural specialities (chestnut days, TESANA Nature Balance South Tyrol, Törggelen, castle concerts, ...)
  • The largest and probably oldest vine in the world, the Versoaln vine at Castel Katzenzungen.
  • An almost untouched natural landscape coupled with South Tyrolean hospitality will inspire any visitor to dream....

Away from the through traffic between Merano and Bolzano, on a hill of approx. 620 m, medieval castles, stately manors, picturesque churches and romantic ruins lie nestled between imposing chestnut groves and colourful orchards.

Tradition and handicrafts are lovingly cultivated in Tisens - Prissian, including the annual chestnut days "Keschtnriggl" in autumn: cheerful celebrations with folk music, parade, farmers' market, Törggelen and specialities around the "Tisner Edelkastanie".

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Tourismusverein Tisens - Prissian
Bäcknhaus 54, I-39010 Tisens

+39 0473 920 822
+39 0473 921 010
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