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Mariazeller Land

St. Sebastian

800 - 1.635m
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St. Sebastian

800 - 1.635m

Clear mountain air and an impressive alpine panorama accompany a variety of leisure activities in St. Sebastian, which has been merged with the municipality of Mariazell since 2015.

During a flight with a glider or motor airplane the guest has a great view of the Erlaufsee, where you can swim, surf, dive, play tennis, go boating or simply relax in the mountain sun.

The oldest steam tramway in the world leads to the Erlaufsee. The so called Mariazellerbahn also starts from the station on an 85 km long adventure trip to St. Pölten.

The Sport Centre "JUFA Erlaufsee Sport Resort has an indoor tennis court and 1 indoor soccer court filled with sand.

Multi-purpose synthetic turf surface, bouldering facility, wellness area, fitness room, multi-purpose rooms, indoor playground, sports lounge, outdoor: 1 soccer field, 1 children's playground, 1 beach volleyball court and 1 streetball court

In winter, St. Sebastian offers exciting opportunities for skiing and cross-country skiing.

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St. Sebastian
St. Sebastian

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Контакт St. Sebastian

Tourismusverband Mariazeller Land
Hauptplatz 13, A-8630 Mariazell

+43 3882 2366
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