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Schönwies bei Imst


It can be so nice when the name is program.

With such a sounding name even the ears make eyes. That is good so, because with so much green, grey and blue the sense of sight needs support. But if your heart beats for beautiful things, there's a lot for you to discover in Schönwies. The name keeps its promise. Mother Nature is certainly particularly proud of the colorful
Appearance of the little town and lets sincere hospitality prosper with original Tyrolean charm. Especially for people seeking relaxation and nature lovers this has a magical attraction. Schönwies offers not only meadows, forest and sun, but also deceleration on all (hiking) paths. And these lead from here in all directions and altitudes: on the panoramic path past the 200 m high waterfall "Fallaten Bach", on circular hiking trails through the idyllic village and up to traditional huts and unforgettable views, vistas and insights.

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Imst Tourismus
Johannesplatz 4, A-6460 Imst

+43 5412 6910 42
+43 5412 6910 8
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  • Imster Bergbahnen
    01.05.2020 - 12.09.2021 (2 Подъемники)
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