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St. Jakob in Defereggen

1.400 - 2.525m
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St. Jakob in Defereggen

1.400 - 2.525m

St. Jakob in Defereggen is something quite special for many reasons. St. Jakob has a full 906 inhabitants. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is; particularly since Defereggen valley is not exactly densely populated. Since here the fact that is enough to be the ‘main town’, one that is the biggest and the most population dense town in the valley, reveals more about the valley than about the town itself. What probably should be said however is that the main town in Defereggen valley has so many special features, which makes it what it is – idyllic. Set in a wonderful location and certainly worthy of a few lengthy stays. St. Jakob has some impressive figures.

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Urlaubsregion Defereggental
Unterrotte 44, A-9963 St. Jakob

+43 (0)50 212 600
+43 (0)50 212 600 2
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Подвесные канатные дороги Работа в летнее время
  • St. Jakob im Defereggental / Brunnalm
    20.06.2019 - 13.09.2019 (7 Подъемники)
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