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Thyon les Collons


1.250 - 2.500m
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1.250 - 2.500m

A small spa and holiday resort, Ovronnaz provides a charming alpine village.
Nestled at the foot of the Muverans mountain range, the resort enjoys generous sunshine, with panoramic views of the Rhone Valley and the Alps.

Much more than a holiday destination, Ovronnaz is a multifaceted region where plains and mournains combine to offer you a unique experience.

During the summer, the Jorasse chairlift carries you to the starting-point of a variety of routes that run through the heart of the Muverans massif. Some of the most inviting hikes are the Seya botanical trail, the Rambert and Fénestral huts and the Fully lakes. Children will love the mini zoo, the bouncy castles and the mountain scooters. The Relax Parc des Mélèzes, a relaxing area at Jorasse, offers a unique experience.

The skiing area is enchanting and provides all levels of slopes and different steepness ratings. The slopes lie between 1400 metres and 2500 metres. Visitors will be captivated by the impressive views of the Valais Alps. Charge up on energy by bathing in the thermal waters.

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Контакт Ovronnaz

Rte des Muverans 38, CH-1911 Ovronnaz

+41 27 3064293
+41 27 3068141
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Route d'Odonne 95, CH-1911 Ovronnaz

+41 27 3063553
+41 27 3067553
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