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BERGFEX: Donauradweg Etappe 3 Südufer: Linz - Ardagger - Fernradweg - Тур Верхняя Австрия

Donauradweg Etappe 3 Südufer: Linz - Ardagger

Donauradweg Etappe 3...


A Cultural Break in the Shadows of the City Tower
Исходная точка

Beste Jahreszeit
The Old Town with its Main Square and the „Landstraße“, the Castle Museum, the Botanical Garden, the Music Theatre at the „Volksgarten“, the Lentos Museum, the Ars Electronica Centre, the Pöstlingberg Experience – there is so much to visit in Linz… If leaving is difficult for you, comfort yourself with the thought that this stage is going to have a „cultural (inte)rest“ for you in Enns.

Before that you share the way with the north trail of the Donauradweg until you reach Steyregg. After you crossed the river to the south bank by the power station Abwinden-Asten, you have two promising possibilities for a side trip: One leads you to the beautiful choir monastery St.Florian with its world famous Bruckner – organ and the Altdorfer altar. The other possibility (near Enghangen) leads you to Enns:

This little city is full of history and is one of Austria’s oldest cities, whose guided tours are a perfect way of discovering every part of the city. The remains of the old city fortification, the 60 meter high city tower built in the age of the reformation (16th century) and the baroque and renaissance houses on the main square enchant even-handedly. And maybe you can even pay a short visit to the Roman Museum and the Castle Ennsegg.

Shortly after Enns you reach the lower Austrian „Mostviertel“ (=cider district), thus you will find inns offering this special cider - a perfect opportunity for a break. Once you reached Wallsee, you are invited to look at another Roman Museum which is showing how long the history of this region really is. An eventful history, in which the Castle Wallsee, once inhabited by the Habsburger- archduke Franz Salvator, was playing an important role. Until you reach Ardagger, the destination of this stage, the Mostviertel is showing you its most beautiful side.

Linz - Steyregg - Enns - St. Pantaleon - Wallsee - Ardagger

Route description

You start your tour in the Flussgasse (street) in Linz, near the new city hall. From here you can easily find the Danube dam, which leads directly along the river and allows for a nice view of Linz's Danube bend. The view of the Pöstlingberg (hill) is possible as well. 

You further continue on the Donauradweg past Steyregg, a name which should be familiar to all castle enthusiasts. On the barrage of the Danube power plant Abwinden-Asten, you cross the Danube river now and henceforth continue on the southern side of the river. The Danube bike trail takes you first through sparse forests where you also pass two small waters. Shortly thereafter you continue to the left and thus downstream. You cross the small village Enghagen and continue along the banks of the Danube. All culture lovers should venture for a short detour to Enns - the oldest town in Austria - as Lauriacum was located here. Lauriacum was a legion base and an important Roman city along the Danube in Austria. It is worthwhile to also make a detour to St. Florian. The baroque monastery and the organ of Anton Bruckner's is worth a visit. As a result of the river Enns, which is also the border between Upper Austria and Lower Austria, you have to use the bicycle ferry to cross this tributary of the Danube. On the other hand, you are now already in the Mostviertel region, where the tour continues through a forest along the Danube. Flowers here and there smell of garlic.

Past Albing you once again move away from the Danube and bike through St. Pantaleon. From this point you continue towards our goal on the well-signposted Mostviertler Danube cycle path. The cider road opens up the largest closed cider pear tree area in Europe, the Mostviertel region South of the Danube in lower Austria. The road leads past many cider inns, cider street vendors and farm inns. After a while you finally reach Wallsee, where you once again can marvel at a castle. Afterwards you move again for a longer time along the Danube and continue through the cider pear tree region in the direction of Ardagger. In Ardagger the over 950 years old abbey, which was transformed into a castle in 1813, is worth a visit.

Höchster Punkt
261 m

Как добраться
From Munich follow the A8 to Salzburg. In Austria follow the A1 to Linz
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel
Take the train from Munich to Linz, and continue in Linz with the tram to the stop Rudolfstraße.
Urfahraner Jahrmarktgelände (market place free parking opportunities) 


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