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Innsbruck und seine Feriendörfer

Mutters - Muttereralm

950 - 1.800m
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Mutters - Muttereralm

950 - 1.800m

Mutters - Tirol's most beautiful mountain village gives you a warm welcome!

Spend memorable days in immediate vicinity to Innsbruck right amidst idyllic farmhouses, lush meadows and shady forests. Our village was twice awarded a prize for its charming center! Facilities include a mountain lift, numerous hiking trails, mountain huts, and a tram through meadows and forests to Innsbruck.

Experience the Muttereralm
The modern gondola gives fast and easy access to the new on-mountain restaurant with sundeck and large playground. Plenty of activities centering on the themes of water, wood, sand and stone are scheduled for this summer!
The "Innsbruck Almenweg" is a scenic hiking trail from the Muttereralm (1608m) to Raitiser Alm (1553 m) and Kreither Alm (1608m) all the way to Stubaital. Heading westwards the trail takes you to Götzner Alm (1542 m), Birgitzer Alm (1808 m) and Kemater Alm (1673 m).

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Tourismusbüro Mutters
Kirchplatz 11, A-6162 Mutters

+43 512 548410
+43 512 548410 7
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Muttereralm Bergbahnen Errichtungs GmbH
Nockhofweg 40, A-6162 Mutters

+43 512 548330
+43 512 548330 99
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