Seeglück Hotel Forelle
9872 Millstatt am See
с 834 EUR
4 Ночи

Spring magic

Открытие сезона / Весеннее комплексное предложение / Летнее комплексное предложение
Срок действия
23.04.2023 до 07.06.2023

Nature is slowly awakening from its hibernation and spring lets Millstatt and the surrounding area shine in the most beautiful colors. Enjoy the colorful time directly at the lake and your companion will vacation at half the price.

  • 4 or 7 nights in the double room Deluxe Seeforelle
  • The Forelle- inclusive services and half board
  • For a second person you pay only 50%
  • Relaxation in the 850 m² Seeoase wellness area

4 nights from € 834,00 for 2 people
7 nights from € 1.459,50 for 2 people


Price per room (2 adults), excluding local tax (applicable from the age of 16). The below listed prices are "from" prices and refer to the smallest room category and the lowest-price season period. Other prices vary with the category and season period.

с 834 EUR Запросы
4 Ночи
23.04.2023 до 07.06.2023
Deluxe "Seeforelle" (Double Room)

с 1.460 EUR Запросы
7 Ночи
23.04.2023 до 07.06.2023
Deluxe "Seeforelle" (Double Room)
114 К-во кроватей, 54 Номер
GF Stefanie Aniwanter

Fischergasse 65, 9872 Millstatt am See - Как добраться

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