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Naturbadesee Herrensee/Strandbad Litschau

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Herrensee/Strandbad Litschau


Herrensee/Strandbad Litschau

The unique charm of the lido and Herrensee never ceases to enchant!

Around the lake, by the lake, in the lake, by the lake, ... it sometimes seems as if everything in Litschau revolves around Herrensee.

But let's be honest, a hike around Lake Herrensee is a must for every guest at any time of year. For the locals anyway. Here people run, hike and walk. Those who are particularly sporty can also train their strength, fitness and agility at the individual stations of the fitness trail.

But there is also a more leisurely way! On the 4.5 km long circular trail you will be accompanied by information boards about the fauna and flora of the region, as well as resting places to rest and dream. There are plenty of natural shady spots.

If it gets too hot for you, you are in good hands on the eastern shore of Herrensee. This is where you will find the well-kept Waldbad. An outdoor pool and, of course, the Herrensee itself offer plenty of cooling, while secluded spots tempt you to "chill out". For children there is a paddling pool, the "Gatschkiste" and a large, shaded playground with a climbing castle.

At Herrenseeplatzl, a small, nice outdoor restaurant, you can end your bathing day comfortably and watch the sun go down. Many hikers and walkers also like to "hang out" there.

If you prefer to refresh yourself on the water, please visit the "harbour ", where you can choose from a wide variety of boats to sail around the lake. The sporty among us can choose between rowing boats and pedal boats, while those who are not so ambitious can use electric boats.

*What else is there at the lido at Herrensee?

  • Beach volleyball court
  • tennis court
  • multi-purpose playing field
  • Large chess and table tennis
  • Stand Up Paddling

Dogs are not allowed* at the lido Litschau am Herrensee (from 10:00 - 18:00 in the summer months). However, access to the catering establishments is permitted if the dog is kept on a leash. Outside the bathing hours, the lido is freely accessible; in any case, leashing is compulsory.


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Гастрономия (рестораны, кафе)

Характеристики зоны шезлонгов

Места под тенью

Предложение по спорту

Плавание под парусом/ лодки
Водные велосипеды
Ловить рыбу
Каноэ/ байдарка
Пляжный волейбол
Настольный теннис
Байдарка стоя

Дети и семьи

Туалеты с приспособлениями для пеленания
Зона купания для маленьких/ детей
Детское скольжение
(Песчаная) игровая площадка

Услуги проката

Зонтик от солнца
Прокат лодок

Пользование зимой

Конькобежный спорт
Керлинг (айсштокшисен)


Tourismusbüro Litschau
Stadtplatz 25, A-3874 Litschau

+43 2865 219 24
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Высота над уровнем моря
534 m
0.24 km²


01.05.2021 - 30.09.2021

Озера Litschau
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