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Limburg - Flandern

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Limburg is known as a hospitable region, and this is exactly the reason why guests love to visit our region. Would you like to spend a long weekend or a midweek in our green province? Absolutely!

Limburg is the perfect destination for a holiday close by and offers a wide range of accommodation options such as cosy B&B's, spacious holiday homes and trendy hotels.

Would you like to get some fresh air by bike in a beautiful green environment? Then don't hesitate to jump on your horse and enjoy our extensive Limburg cycling route network and our many cycling experiences such as 'cycling through the water', 'cycling through the trees' and soon 'cycling through the heath'.

Limburg is a top location not only for cyclists, but also for walkers. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Hoge Kempen National Park, the wet wilderness of Kempen~Broek, the 1001 ponds of the Wijers and so on. You can enjoy a nice snack and drink in one of our many bicycle cafés and other catering facilities after a strenuous cycling or walking tour.

A day of shopping and closing in one of our cosy restaurants? Then you should definitely visit the shopping town of Hasselt or Genk or take a look at the outlet shopping centre Maasmechelen Village. Are you planning an active holiday? Or more casual? In Limburg everything is possible!


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Toerisme Limburg
Universiteitslaan 3, BE-3500 Hasselt

+32 11 30 55 00
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