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Komiža - The perfect destination.

Komiža has long fishing tradition which is reflected in the appearance of this small town and in the warmth of the local people. It is situated at the foot of the hill Hum (587 m) and oriented in West-Southwest direction. It is, therefore, protected from all the northerly winds and is subsequently the warmest place in Croatia in winter.

The archipelago of Komiža encompasses even the farthest Adriatic islands, rich with fish – Biševo, Palagruža, St. Andrija as well as Jabuka and Brusnik – islands of volcanic origin.


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Контакт Komiža

Turistička zajednica grada Komiže
Riva sv. Mikule 2, HR-21485 Komiža

+385 21 713 455
+385 21 713 455
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