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Gstadt - Gollenshausen

Welcome to Chiemsee!
Summer or winter, Gstadt and Gollenshausen at Lake Chiemsee are worth a visit for all ages, all year round.

Peace and quiet are waiting for those who just want to relax. For the active however, there is cycling, walking, hiking, swimming and water sports. Winter offers snowboarding, skiing, ice-skating and tobogganing at the lake or in the nearby winter sport areas.

Many of the nearby “wellness” centers have impressive spa offers with pools and thermal baths. The challenges of climbing, paragliding or kite- and windsurfing, the hospitable local people and the colorful, gastronomic and cultural variety contribute to the popularity of the Chiemgau area and its municipalities.

The community of Gstadt-Gollenshausen lies directly opposite the island of Fraueninsel at the shore of the lake and comprises the two districts of Gstadt and Gollenshausen and the communities and moors of Aich, Aiglsbuch, Aisching, Ed, Lienzing, Lienzing-Moos, Loiberting, Mitterndorf, Plötzing, Preinersdorf, Söll, Schalchen and Weingarten.

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Tourist-Information Gstadt-Gollenshausen
Seeplatz 5, D-83257 Gstadt am Chiemsee

+49 8054 442
+49 8054 7997
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