Miribel et du Plateau

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The Dombes Côtière articulates and creates a unique link between the departments of the Ain and the Rhône. From the Dombes Plateau, three landscapes unfold along the water to the canals of the Rhône. Three landscapes in blue and green that make the Dombes Côtière a nature destination par excellence:

The Plateau
From the ponds of the Dombes to the unobstructed viewpoint overlooking the Côtière, the Plateau stands out for its natural wealth and its particular identity.

The Coast
The Côtière, which is heavily wooded, offers walkers a wonderful opportunity to discover a natural area protected for its fauna and flora. The Côtière is also marked by the water that flows and feeds it.

The Plain
At the foot of the Côtière, the Plaine was created in the 19th century by the construction of the Miribel and Jonage canals, which allowed the development of a real industrial basin. Between these two canals is now one of the largest metropolitan parks in Europe: the Grand Parc Miribel Jonage.

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