In summer, the well-known winter sports destination of Brunni-Alpthal offers a range of leisure activities close to nature.

Hiking paradise
Enjoy the unique pre-Alpine landscape with lush green meadows and the fantastic panoramic views from one of the numerous vantage points. The peacefully grazing brown cattle and the mountain inns on the Alps convey that cosiness which is often forgotten in everyday life.

Matterhorn of the hikers
The highlight of the entire region is surely the ascent of the Grossen Mythen. The hike along the Mythen Trail is an experience in itself. You can't get more panoramic than this.

The bike trails in Alpthal are still insider tips. Whether over the Haggenegg or on the Holzegg, with an all-terrain bike you can access many trails around the imposing Mythen mountains.

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Tarifverbund Brunni-Holzegg-Haggenegg
Brunnistrasse, CH-8849 Brunni-Alpthal

+41 41 811 66 44
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