Welcome to Brandenburg an der Havel. In Brandenburg an der Havel, all 3 historic town centres - Old Town, New Town and Cathedral Island - shine with sights and gems in the streets and alleys. And they have a lot to tell about the history of the Mark Brandenburg.

In addition, Brandenburg an der Havel, which is over a thousand years old, has several charming faces. We are situated in the largest European inland water sports area and form the gateway to the Havel lakes of Potsdam and Brandenburg. The water tourism offers are correspondingly varied. Well-maintained paths, some of which run directly along the banks of the Havel lakes, await pedalers and hikers.

Watch out: Always keep an eye on nature during all these activities. Why? With a little patience and a bit of luck, you can observe kingfishers, bluethroats or Master Adebar and discover beavers at work.

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Stadtmarketing- und Tourismusgesellschaft Brandenburg an der Havel GmbH
Neustädtischer Markt 3, D-14776 Brandenburg an der Havel

+49 33 81 79 63 60
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