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The village of Ausserberg was and is a typical hamlet settlement, composed of various single-farm-like groups of buildings and smaller hamlets and villages.

In addition to the hamlets consisting of dwellings and farm buildings, farm buildings are scattered over the whole area: Stable barns as feeding stables in the meadow belt and barns near the arable land. On the one hand, the economic system with its small-parcelled production areas determined this form of settlement, on the other hand, these detached farm buildings are also relics of former permanent settlements.
The historical settlement pattern of Ausserberg is one of the most interesting in the Upper Valais. The written sources provide little direct information about its development, but together with the building stock, the place names, the legends and the oral tradition, they allow many conclusions to be drawn.

Today, the historical settlement pattern of Ausserberg is changing its appearance the longer it goes on. In the settlement gaps between the large cluster-like trough village and the nearby hamlets of Bigstatt, Dischtera, Bord and Bongartnerschhüs, new building volumes are emerging, so that these hamlets are gradually being incorporated into the cluster village.

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